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Luis E. Lázaro García


UI/UX Designer with a profile focused on problem solving through design and collaborative work. Professional used to work for specific objectives focused on developing products that improve the user experience and the client’s business needs.

Recent Projects

My work consists of solving business problems based on improving the user experience through design and implementing agile methodologies.

Ruhacana Eha Lodge

On the occasion of the reopening of the hotel after its general remodeling, the need arose to design a website with a high visual impact that would show users the new image of the hotel.

DesignsMark Website

This project arises from an imminent need by the client to develop a functional website in a short time to offer Editorial Design services. Taking into account the client's needs and the urgency to test their business model, my partner and I decided to adopt the Lean UX Methodology.

Honey Packaging Design

The proposal is based on the need to create a more visually attractive product for the customer, which guarantees a better user experience but maintains a similar production cost to the current product so as not to affect the final market price.

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